Happy Holidays! It’s hard to believe the end of the year is here – 2015 has come and gone in the blink of an eye. With the gift-giving season upon us, I thought it fitting to share my favourite way of repurposing newspapers and magazines, which is…wrapping presents! I absolutely love the look that newsprints […]

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Coffee Grounds

French press. Americano. Espresso. Coffee. I love coffee, the smell of coffee, the taste of coffee – good coffee, that is. When preparing my java at home, I tend to go for my traditional French press. I really love being able to make a single cup at a time, and to be honest I simply […]

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Stale Bread

Bread: my absolute guilty pleasure. If you give me a side of butter or olive oil, there is no way that I will not fill up on bread, and I have come to accept that. Life is short; a girl’s gotta indulge every once in a while, am I right? Now I don’t buy bread […]

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Cereal Bags

I think that cereal is one of those foods that we can all enjoy, no matter what time of day. For those of you who avoid cooking, I’m sure you can relate. It’s fast, it’s convenient, it’s filling, and if you avoid the sugary stuff, it’s guilt-free! Now, don’t make fun of me, but my […]

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For the Cat Lovers

First off, this post doesn’t revolve around anything particularly found in the kitchen, but I thought it was worth sharing. Anybody who knows me is well aware that I am a crazy cat lady. I absolutely adore all animals, but my cats are my children. My sixteen year old has been with me since I […]

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Citrus Peels

Fruit is nature’s candy. I don’t think I know a single person who doesn’t have a favourite fruit. Seriously. Just take a minute and think of yours – I bet you it won’t take long. For me, it’s citrus and passion fruit. Limes, lemons, grapefruits, tangerines, yuzu…anything that has a little bit of tartness to […]

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Vanilla Beans

Vanilla is by far my favourite flavour (with regards to sweets, that is). Vanilla ice cream, vanilla cake, vanilla yogurt, vanilla mousse…pretty much vanilla anything. The majority of us are familiar with vanilla extract, commonly found in the baking isle of your local grocery store. I’d say Clubhouse and Neilson Massey are two of the […]

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